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Domotic control devices

INGENIA designs devices for domotics, general purpose as well as devices dedicated to particular applications. For instance the control unit DomoCon has been used for the system EcoThermo also as a programmable temperature control unit and renamed for this application ChronoT. This device is equipped with 256Kbyte of flash memory for the firmware, double radio transceiver, wired communication interface RS485, storage memory on SD card with FAT-compatible file system, touchless keyboard with ten lighted buttons, graphical LCD backlit and completely programmable with resolution 320x128 pixels, temperature sensor, switching power supply, case compatible both for surface wall mounting and for built-in wall mounting. DomoCon can be adapted to any control application requiring a human interface, low costs, flexibility and versatility. It is also available as downgraded solution by removing components not needed for the application of the client.

Remote metering

Sempre più spesso, sia per applicazioni industriali che residenziali, si impone la necessità di un controllo remoto per il monitoraggio di parametri fisici quali temperatura, umidità, luminosità; o di controllo dei consumi di energia, o più in generale risorse, quali gas, corrente elettrica, energia termica, acqua. Se la robustezza e ridondanza sono parametri essenziali richiesti per soluzioni industriali, per quelle residenziali anche lo stile e la bassa invasività diventano fattori chiave per il successo di una soluzione. RmThermo può ben rappresentare questa filosofia progettuale: dimensioni ridotte, stile sobrio, ma moderno, semplicità di utilizzo. RmThermo rileva la temperatura ambientale, la visualizza su un display LCD a bassissimo consumo energetico ed eventualmente invia le misure effettuate con protocollo wireless a dispositivi di controllo remoti o server accessibili via Internet.

Large networks (wired or wireless)

As the number of applications requiring wireless solutions grows, it is becoming more and more frequent the need to cover large installations, where large is meant both in the sense of number of devices and in the sense of geographical extension, either indoor or outdoor. Examples of such applications can be found when covering large building complexes. In such environment it is necessary to use communication protocols able to limit the interference between devices in the same system, to handle battery supplied devices which can switch to off-line mode for long time, to guarantee real time transmission of possibly large quantity of data. Moreover, usually it must comply local directives for RF, which impose reduced RF bands and low duty cycles. INGENIA, besides her proprietary communication protocol (see Wireless Protocols ) capable of managing wireless networks as well as wired, offers also the hardware infrastructure to implement those networks and to extend its geographical coverage as desired. The RadioRPT device manages up to 3 radio transceivers in parallel possibly also with antenna diversity in order to augment receiver gain. It also features a RS485 interface.

High-tier control unit

La gestione ed il controllo di sistemi complessi, la disponibilità di interfacce analogiche di campionamento con una capacità di archiviazione dati elevata, la connettività IP su rete Ethernet e WiFi, GPRS/UMTS, la necessità di avere applicazioni software dedicate con interfaccia umana eventualmente con schermi a colori e touchscreen sono elementi che contraddistinguono unità di controllo di alta fascia. Il dispositivo OmniCon, ribattezzato UnicoIM in EcoThermo, soddisfa questi requisiti e può essere equipaggiato con sistemi operativi embedded quali Microsoft CE, Windows Embedded o Linux/Android. INGENIA sviluppa applicazioni dedicate per specifiche esigenze di controllo e gestione processi interpretando OmniCon a seconda dei casi come vera e propria unità di controllo, tablet in supporto a processi che coinvolgono operatori anche remoti, info point multimediali.


Leonardo4U is a wireless modular system for the telecontrol of hotels or offices; all the functions are available at a control point and the installation can be completely wireless preventing to wire the building. Following some of the main features:
  • Access control with choice of priority and time of accessibility (RFID)
  • Power consumption feature (conditioning and electricity)
  • Check cleanness status in room
  • Status "do not disturb" activated
  • Management of additional signalling
  • Anti intrusion signalling
  • Remote control and monitoring of the temperature
  • Check presence in room
  • Status of ringer assistence
  • Log accesses
  • Windows and doors open/close statusporte

INGENIA is responsible for the service of customer support of the system Leonardo4U produced by CI.SE. Elettronica Industriale.


Finally the true heat power accounting system. With no heat cost allocators; and with no degrees-day
EcoThermo is the ideal solution to save energy and money in a centralized heating system without the need to change the plant: EcoThermo lets the families be free to be charged only for what they consume and to freely set the temperature in their own home. It works with every kind of heat generator, also district heating, it costs ten times less than a good autonomous flat heater saving also for the maintenance, it is easy to use and its installation is non-invasive. Ecothermo is under international patent and is currently being industrialized. For more information: www.ecothermo.it

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