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INGENIA fields of application:

INGENIA’s skills in System Engineering and Project Management allow a rapid rationalization of customer requirements in order to focus its activities on development by limiting the number of iterations between the development team and the customer itself. Our tools portfolio is based on standard like SysML, UML and System Engineering approach (Brainstorming, Domain Analysis, Life Cycle, Use Cases, Activity Diagrams, Procedure Definition, System Architecture Definition, Requirements, Technological Trade-Off, Development, Tests). System Engineering techniques interact with Project Management and become key tools in order to coordinate complex projects also featured by interdisciplinary teams and outsourced development.
Embedded systems are fully integrated devices dedicated to a specific application. They are therefore finite solutions that generally include in a single device, electronics, mechanics and software. INGENIA designs and develops Embedded systems based on Linux and Android technologies. Examples of embedded systems can be a control unit with or without human interface (LCD, TFT, touchscreen keyboards mechanical or capacitive touch-less), a data collector system for remote monitoring over IP (GPRS, UMTS, ADSL) or analog modems, finally, tablets dedicated to installation procedures and remote process control.

INGENIA designs and develops applications for Microsoft (Microsoft. NET), Linux, Android and, with a special focus on open source techniques and programming languages and multiplatform such as Perl and PHP for specific applications for the Web, but also Java, C + +, Phyton. In order to facilitate the development and understanding of customer requirements, INGENIA offers a systemistic approach to requirements definition and structure of the resulting software (Analysis Use Cases, Activity Diagrams Domain Analysis, Requirements, Packaging Modules and System Structure) and programming techniques like Agile.
INGENIA collaborates with the Department of Automatic Control and Computer Engineering at the Polytechnic of Turin. The most valuable areas are the mathematical modeling of physical phenomena and systems such as fluid dynamic, thermal and thermodynamic, mechanical. INGENIA also works with optimal control systems, from mathematical design of feedback control system to the development of the complete system including hardware, firmware and software.

INGENIA has a considerable experience in developing custom communication protocols both wireless and wired type. Hotel access control systems (such as Leonardo4U, product CI.SE. Industrial Electronics) or transformation of central heating systems in functionally independent systems (as ECOTHERM) both need to monitor and manage thousands of devices with ambitious and contrasting requirements for each installation:
  • High data-rate
  • Real time or near real time for the remote control
  • Frequency bands and duty cycle legislation available from SRD legislation severely limited
  • Need to manage off-line devices for 99.8% of their time (such as battery-powered devices)
  • Thousands installed devices
  • Significant indoor distances that have to be covered by robust radio link
INGENIA offered protocols meet the requirements reported above and are used in wired, wireless or mixed home automation systems.
Rapid functional expandability, flexibility, rights management depending on users’ profiles, waiting slow responses to commands sent over the WEB while maintaining the navigability of the same page, sending multiple commands handled in the same webpage are key requirements for any dynamic website and essential for WEB-based remote control applications (monitoring and sending commands). INGENIA designs and develops web sites with the AJAX technology to ensure all these requirements and implement a web tool that can easily be expanded in its functionality without redesigning pages and story boards of the site. This development approach allows you to separate the functional design from the graphics in order to future complete restyling with a low impact on functional redesign. Finally, the ability to manage remote and partially off-line copies of the database with technologies such as Microsoft Merge Replication for synchronization and potential conflicts management; typical applications are the management of processes with outsourced terminals not necessarily always online.

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